How to Restore My Server From an Acronis Cloud Backup

This document explains how to perform a bare-metal restore using your Acronis Cloud Backup. A bare-metal restore means that the entire server including the Operating System will be restored and all prior data stored on that server will be erased. 

 Please note that the Acronis Restore image can only be used together with a KVM console. This includes all SP18 servers. It will not work on the ECO line of servers. 

Start Acronis Restore Image

Log into MyHostirian at and select Rescue from the Server Management options.

MyHostirian Server Management
Next select Restore: Acronis Backup from the available options

Rescue Modes

 The Root Password does not play any role in this mode. 

After starting the the Acronis Restore image the server will immediately reboot and load the Acronis Restore image.

The progress can be observed in the pop-up window that appears.

 This window can be safely closed. It will not interrupt the boot process.

Acronis Restore Image Progress

☞ Loading the Acronis Restore image can take up to 5 minutes depending on the server being used.

Accessing the Acronis Restore interface

For the next step access to a KVM Console is required. If available you can find it on MyHostirian's Server Management.

KVM Console

Navigating the Acronis Restore interface

On the KVM Console you will be greated by the Acronis interface GUI.

Select the upper left icon with your mouse cursor to proceed.

Acronis Main

Select Recover by clicking the icon

Acronis Dashboard

Select Required... to continue

Acronis Recover

And finally log in to your Acronis Cloud Storage account by selecting Log in

Acronis Storage

Acronis Login

You will now be able to access all your backups stored in the Acronis Cloud.

 Please note all data on your server will be erased during this process!

Disabling Acronis Restore

Before you can reboot into the just restored backup you must disable the Acronis Restore. Otherwise the server will boot back into the Acronis Restore image. 

On MyHostirian's Server Management select Rescue once more

Rescue Modes
And select Stop Rescue

Rescue Window

The server can now be booted using its own HDDs, SSDs or NVMes.

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