How to Install My Hostirian Dedicated Server

After the order has been processed your server is immediately ready to be installed. Hostirian offers a wide range of popular operating system choices, most of which are for free, such as CentOS or Ubuntu, however Windows 2016 and CloudLinux can only be used after purchasing a license for it.

This document provides a step by step guide how to install the OS and what options are available.

Step 1)

Log in to 

This is Hostirian's main control panel to manage all your servers, domain names, billing and more!

MyHostirian Overview
Step 2)

Navigate to your server by either clicking on the SERVICES icon, Your Active Products/Services or select My Services from the Services menu. 

Next select the server you want to install. This will take you to the Server Control Panel

MyHostirian Server Selection

Step 3)

Select Install OS from the Server Management

MyHostirian Server Management

Step 4)

Choose your operating system and add-ons such as cPanel or Plesk.

 Remember to choose an NVMe installation if you have NVMe drives, otherwise choose one of the SATA options.

MyHostirian OS Selection

Next select your partition layout. By default Hostirian will only partition and format the first drive.

MyHostirian Partition Layout

Add Plesk or cPanel if desired.

 Please note that cPanel will not function properly without purchasing a valid license. 

MyHostirian Control Panel

Enter the root or Administrator password twice, or accept the randomly generated one. 

Remember your root password!

Start the installation by selecting Start Installation

☞ Please note the installation will ERASE all data on your server!

You can watch the progress in the following pop-up.

☞ This window can be closed. The installation will simply continue in the background.

MyHostirian Installation Progress

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